Press release: regxplor.com releases Registry Explorer

Regxplor.com is proud to announce the release of the new free software Registry Explorer. The software can be used to replace window's regedit. The software takes integration with windows to a new level. It is based on "shell extension" technology. It displays the Windows registry just like the file system. When web content is enabled, a web page displays extra information about registry keys and values. The software contains a link to a web page that contains advertisements. When the user is working online and web content is enabled, this advertisement is displayed together with information about the registry keys and values. The web site for this software is at http://www.regxplor.com

About regxplor.com

Regxplor.com was formed by Henk Devos, a professional software developer, in his free time. The purpose is mainly to have fun and to make useful software that is completely free, rather than to make money with it. Henk Devos is currently working for dZine, Belgium and for Vigilantis, Belgium. He is also known for his work on websites like The Code Project.