Other downloads

This section contains free programs from myself and my friends.


Computers are much smarter than we think. They know when we are there and when we are not. While we are watching the screen, everything goes fine. But then the moment we turn our back, programs start crashing.

Now you can finally beat your computer. The Watchdog-O-Matic will automatically restart your nasty programs.

Do you have some programs that should always be running? An ftp server maybe, or a web server? Or maybe you have some really critical applications running that your company depends on? Don't let them crash on you! Use the Watchdog-O-Matic to protect you.

This software was written by Wouter "Kwakkelflap" Dhondt.

Click here to visit the Kwakkelflap site.

Download Watchdog-O-Matic (size: 2574k)

Fping (version 2.05, updated 19 oktober 2001)

This program works just like ping, but has some extra options. The most important one is that you can specify the time between 2 pings. Whence the name Fping (fast ping).

Since version 2.04 it doesn't need raw sockets anymore. If they are not available, the program falls back on icmp.dll.

Another cool feature is the possibility to beep on success or failure.

The program was not written by myself but by Wouter Dhondt. You can find his web site here.

Download Fping (size: 43.7k)


This is a program that speeds up your Windows Explorer on Windows 95/98 by removing all those silly icons.

Of course, you could also use it as a practical joke by setting it on a friend's PC. The program will remove all icons from this PC without leaving a trace.

This program is not a virus, it has no malicious intents and it does nothing permanent. You can get all your icons back by restarting your computer. The program has no side effects.

Download EatIcons (size: 24k)

Note: EatIcons can be installed to remove all icons at startup. This means that you never see your icons again, even after restarting your computer. To get them back, you should run EatIcons again. When the program askes if you would like to enable this feature, make sure to answer "no". The next time you restart your computer, your icons will appear again.


Windows 95 is lacking some important features. One of them is that it's impossible to know your own IP address.

This is all solved now ! No need to upgrade to a newer windows, that had ipconfig. This command line utility will tell you.

Download IpShow (size: 28k)


Windows NT is still lacking some other features. There is no way to change what is displayed in the Comment column in Network Neighborhood.

This command line utility solves this problem.

Download NtComment (size: 92k)


This is a replacement for regsvr32. It works exactly the same.

Download rxregsvr (size: 40k)


This program just waits a given number of seconds. Handy for batch files.

Very similar to the Microsoft wait, but this one doesn't produce the ennoying beep.

Download Wait (size: 40k)


This programs generates a beep.

It has options to specify frequency and duration or to select one of the windows waveform sounds.

This program is very handy to alert a user from a batch file.

Download Beep (size: 40k)


Shutdown is a command line tool that lets you reboot, log off or shut down your computer. You can use it in batch files and shortcuts. It can also reboot your computer in emergency cases.

This program works very much like some standard shutdown programs, but it works on all windows versions and has more extended options.

Download Shutdown (size: 40k)