Bug: Unable to save new files in Office


When trying to save a new document in Microsoft Word, you get the following message:

This is not a valid file name
Try one or more of the following:

In Microsoft Excel, you get the following message:

Your changes could not be saved to ", but were saved to a temporary document named FD4B0000.
Close the existing document, then open the temporary document and save it under a new name.

In Microsoft Powerpoint, you get the following message:

The path or file name for C: is invalid. Please check that the path and file name are correct.

Affected systems

This problem occurs only on Windows 98 Second Edition (Win98 SE) with Office 2000 installed.


This problem is due to a bug in Microsoft Office.

The problem occurs when Registry Explorer is installed on a Win98 SE machine with Office 2000 installed.


There is currently no solution for this problem.

Possible workarounds: